Solar rooftop Buying a solar rooftop system carries the same significance as that of buying a house as it has to generate power for at least 25 years. Given the unpredictable climatic conditions in our country, the rooftop solar systems are constantly prone to wear and tear. We at Aktuell install the rooftop system for you and also service and maintain it for you to ensure that it generates power efficiently without any hiccups.

Types of Solar rooftop systems we provide


We generally use geysers to heat water. Thus, our power bills are always on the high. An effective solution to this is to use solar water heaters. The solar water heaters will be installed on the terrace and the water supply is connected directly to your taps at home. We at Aktuell take it a step ahead by retrofitting the solar water heater with our unique IoT solution. This gives you the power to monitor and control the water heater from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Aktuell’s Solar water heaters:


Now a days, everyone are opting Solar energy to reduce the amount spent on a devices electricity need. The same has been applied to a regular street light as well to make it draw energy from the infinite power source, the sun. Solar panels are attached to the street light directly so that during the day, energy is drawn and stored in batteries and the same energy will be used at night time. We at Aktuell take it a notch higher by using IoT to control a line of streetlights from the comfort of a mobile to detect if any light is at fault easily. The streetlights are also equipped with motion sensing to save energy.

Advantages of Aktuell’s solar street light


Now a days, normal conventional fences are being replaced by electric fences everywhere. Electric fences prevents wildlife or trespassers from entering private property or farms. When they come in contact with the fences, it sends a sharp but short jolt of electric shock. The electric shock does not cause any serious physical damage, but it acts as a cognitive barricade and prevents the intruder from touching the fence again or from entering the propertyThe same Philosophy and Concept applies to a Solar fence as well. However, in this case the fence is powered through the renewable Solar energy. Thus, generating free power in remote areas where there is no access to electricity as well.

Advantages of incorporating IoT to the solar fence

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